GBTU B.Tech 1st Year Syllabus (EAS-202:ENGINEERING PHYSICS-II) with Text & Reference Books

Wave Mechanics and X-ray Diffraction
Wave- particle duality, de-Broglie matter waves, Phase and Group velocities, Davisson-Germer experiment, Heisenberg uncertainty principle and its applications, Wave function and its significance, Schrödinger’s wave equation – particle in one dimensional box.
Diffraction of X-rays by crystal planes, Bragg’s spectrometer, Compton’s effect. 10 Hrs.

Dielectric and Magnetic Properties of Materials:
Dielectric constant and Polarization of dielectric materials, Types of Polarization (Polarizability) . Equation of internal fields in liquid and solid ( One- Dimensional), Claussius Mussoti- Equation, Ferro and Piezo electricity (Qualitative), Frequency dependence of dielectric constant, Dielectric Losses, Important applications of dielectric material, Langevin’s theory for dia and paramagnetic material, Phenomena of hysteresis and its applications.
Ultrasonic: Generation, detection and application of ultrasonics 08 Hrs.

Displacement Current, Maxwell’s Equations ( Integral and Differential Forms). Equation of continuity, EM- Wave equation and its propagation characteristics in free space and in conducting media, Poynting theorem and Poynting vectors. 06 Hrs.

Superconductivity and Science and Technology of Nanomaterials:
Temperature dependence of resistivity in superconducting materials, Effect of magnetic field (Meissner effect), Type I and Type II superconductors, Temperature dependence of critical field, BCS theory (Qualitative), High temperature superconductors. Characteristics of superconductors in superconducting state, Applications of Super-conductors.
Introduction to Nanomaterials- Basic principle of nanoscience and technology, creation and use of buckyballs, structure, properties and uses of Carbon nanotubes, Applications of nanotechnology. 06 Hrs.

Reference books:

  1. Concept of Modern Physics - by Beiser (Tata Mc-Graw Hill)
  2. Solid State Physics - by C. Kittel, 7th edition (Wiley Eastern)
  3. Materials Science and - by V. Raghavan (Prentice- Hall India) Engineering
  4. Solid State Physics - by S.O. Pillai, 5th edition (New Age International )
  5. Nanotechnology - by Rechard Booker and Earl Boysen (Wiley Publishing )
  6. Introduction to - by David J. Griffith (PH I)

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