GBTU B.Tech 1st Year Syllabus (EAS105/EAS205:ENVIRONMENT & ECOLOGY) with Text & Reference Books

Definition, Scope & Importance, Need For Public Awareness- Environment definition, Eco system – Balanced ecosystem, Human activities – Food, Shelter, Economic and social Security.
Effects of human activities on environment-Agriculture, Housing, Industry, Mining and Transportation activities, Basics of Environmental Impact Assessment. Sustainable Development.

Natural Resources- Water Resources- Availability and Quality aspects. Water borne diseases, Water induced diseases, Fluoride problem in drinking water. Mineral Resources, Forest Wealth, Material cycles- Carbon, Nitrogen and Sulphur Cycles.
Energy – Different types of energy, Electro-magnetic radiation. Conventional and Non-Conventional sources – Hydro Electric, Fossil Fuel based, Nuclear, Solar, Biomass and Bio-gas. Hydrogen as an alternative future source of Energy.

Environmental Pollution and their effects. Water pollution, Land pollution. Noise pollution, Public Health aspects, Air Pollution, Solid waste management.
Current Environmental Issues of Importance : Population Growth, Climate Change and Global warming- Effects, Urbanization, Automobile pollution.
Acid Rain, Ozone Layer depletion, Animal Husbandry.

Environmental Protection- Role of Government, Legal aspects, Initiatives by Non-governmental Organizations (NGO), Environmental Education, Women Education.

Text Books
1. Environmental Studies – Benny Joseph – Tata McgrawHill-2005
2. Environmental Studies – Dr. D.L. Manjunath, Pearson Education-2006.
3. Environmental studies – R. Rajagopalan – Oxford Publication - 2005.
4. Text book of Environmental Science & Technology – M. Anji Reddy – BS Publication..

Reference Books
1. Principles of Environmental Science and Engineering – P. Venugoplan Rao, Prentice Hall of India.
2. Environmental Science and Engineering – Meenakshi, Prentice Hall India.

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