MTU/GBTU B.Tech Syllabus (EME-309:THERMAL AND HYDRAULIC MACHINES) with Text & Reference Books

Thermodynamic equilibrium, cyclic process, enthalpy, Zero, first and second laws of thermodynamics,
carnot cycle, concept of entropy, properties of steam, processes involving steam in closed
and open systems, Enthalpy.
Vapour Pressure Cycles:
Rankine cycle, reheat cycle, Regenerative cycle

Steam Turbine:
Classification, impulse and reaction turbines their velocity diagrams and related calculations, workdone
and efficiencies, re-heat factor, staging, bleeding and governing of turbines.
Gas Turbine:
Classification, Brayton cycle, working principle of gas turbine, gas turbine cycle with intercooling,
reheat and regeneration, stage and polytrophic efficiencies.

Classification, single and multistage reciprocating compressors, isothermal and volumetric
efficiencies, centrifugal and axial flow compressors, surging, choking and stalling.
I.C. Engines:
Otto, Diesel . and Dual cycles, introduction to 2-stroke and 4-stroke SI and CI engines, indicator
diagram and power measurement.

Impact of Jet:
Introduction to hydrodynamic thrust of jet on a fixed and moving surface ( flat and curve), effect of
inclination of jet with the surface.
Hydraulic Turbines:
Classification, heads and efficiencies, construction, working, work done and efficiency of impulse and
reaction turbines.

Centrifugal Pump::
Classification, construction, working, work-done, efficiencies, cavitation and priming; jet pump
Reciprocating Pump:
Classification,construction, working, work-done, slip and coefficient of discharge.

Text Books:
1. Onkar Singh “Applied Thermodynamics” New Age International, 2006
2. R.K.Rajput “A Text Book of Hydraulic Machines” S. Chand & Co.,2008
Reference Books:
3. P.L.Ballany “Thermal Engineering “ Khanna Publishers, 2003
4. R.K.Bansal “A Text Book of Fluid Mechanics and Hydraulic Machines” Laxmi Publications, 2006

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